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Positive Parenting

A place to share experiences, ask for help, and the occasional rant.

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Hello, and welcome to our community journal!

This journal was made in response to adult_parents when someone suggested a new community with different views. One that supports parents (male -or- female) and children no matter their age, race, ethnic group, religion, etc.

You are welcome to post whatever you would like so long as it deals with pregnancy and/or parenting. Please respect another individual's opinion even if your's differs from it. This doesn't mean you can't comment to them. You can; but please be mature about it.

Should you choose to make a post on something that has strong viewpoints from two sides, there is to be no hate language in it, no harassment, nothing that would upset another person, etc. Be respectful of how others may be reading it and what their views may be. This doesn't mean you have to silence yourself about your opinion. Just find a more respectful way of saying it. Posts that do have hate language, are disrespectful to some group, and/or harassing will be removed from the community immediately.

The moderators of this community are xxsparrowxx and sorrows_crow.

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