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The Minds of Boys [Apr. 1st, 2009|05:02 pm]
Positive Parenting
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For those of you that have BOYS!!! You must go out and buy this book: The Minds of Boys "Saving our sons from falling behind in school and in life" by Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens - I have learned so much from this book. It will change the way that you think about boys (and men) and the ways that they express themselves, how their brains work and why we think they are always so "hyper"
I am a recent single mother of a 13 year old (joint physical custody) - I am finding it's never too late to figure out my son and how to help him. I encourage you to read this now if you are a new mother/parent with a boy. The more you know now the better you will be able to adapt to your son's mind and the way it works.